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Set in the beautiful and inspiring County Down country side near the WORLD FAMOUS ROYAL COUNTY DOWN GOLF COURSE.Ireland Art workshops is now in its 25th year. Cultural holidays for people who love art, history, good food,music ,world class Golf. Our relaxed retreats are carefully designed for those with no previous painting experience and non painters.The unique workshops reflect the culture and history of the area where Hugh is from. Above all this is a unique opportunity for new or developing artists to work alongside an experienced internationally acclaimed Irish born teacher, artist, historian, and gifted musician

Art workshops in nortern ireland

The path of color

Follow your path as it leads you towards a fulfilling experience of a life time with your guide and friend Hugh O’Neill leading the way of inspiration.You will learn more and take away valuable art lessons that will help you for a lifetime of your artistic endeavors.Including how to draw better and powerful color mixing


Therapeutic Landscape

The magical landscape of rural Ireland, the place of good Faeries and natures positive forces call your name and whisper the sound of color in the evening calm.Immerse yourself in it’s wander and raw beauty.You will not be climbing up any Hills or carrying any equipment.We are always close if not right in a village where there are charming restaurants and magnificent Irish views

art workshops in northern ireland and ireland

Stay at the famous Slieve Donard Hotel ,Resort and Spa.Enjoy views of the beach and the Irish Sea as the sounds of nature takes you to a special place.Our retreats are focused on renewal and well being both of mind and body.O’Neill Ireland art workshops can set up massage or therapeutic yoga and other treatments.

Art tours and classes in ireland

Hidden Gems

Hugh O’Neill, Ireland Art workshops know the roads…those less travelled.The paths of light toward the oceans edge.Ireland Art workshops and tours are unique.Taught by the celebrated Irish born Artist ,Hugh O’Neill.We are also celebrating 25 years of success and confident you will experience an amazing life’s adventure with us

art workshops in northern ireland and ireland

Holy and Healing wells

Renew your mind and body as ancient natural spring waters flow by. Legend has it that you will cure all ills, pains and sickness by simply touching the waters from this Holly place of pilgrimage.Saint Patrick ‘s stone seat is located nearby.Art workshops in Ireland are designed to cater for non painters spouses as well.

Giant_s Causeway.jpg

The Giants Causeway

A world famous UNESCO listed “world heritage site” Magical and Mysterious and a geological wander.According to legend, the columns are the remains of a causeway built by a giant.


Game of Thrones

We will visit the area where the Game of Thrones is filmed near to Castle Ward, the setting for Winterfell - home of House Stark. An 18th century mansion house

HughO'Neill art workshops in Ireland

Castles In the Air

Visit the past while living in the present. Paint and wander with camera or art brush amidst a 10th centuries Castle grounds as your location for the day. Take in breathtaking views to the Irish Sea as you relax and enjoy.Art workshops in Ireland are designed to cater for beginners and all levels


  1. Hugh O’Neill and Irish Art Workshops have enjoyed 25 years of success,we invite you to come along and see for your self.Our clients over the years are just like you,they want to have premium experiences in their lives while knowing they are in the good hands of a true expert.Enjoy history,art,travel,music meeting new friends on your own personal adventure

  2. THERE IS NO climbing up hills with heavy equipment.WE SUPLY ALL YOUR ART MATERIALS NEEDED TO PAINT AT THE LOCATIONS FOR NO EXTRA COST! You will not walk any distance or have to carry any thing bulky.If you are shopping around for similar tours keep in mind we have 25 plus years of success under our belts. Art workshops in Ireland are designed for the culturally inquisitive,for those who want to be around like minded people who enjoy just being alive as we do

  3. You can be picked up from Dublin Airport by us on your designated arrival dates and times or as a group upon your arrival and taken to your hotel.(There is a small fee for this that is considerably less than private or public services at Airport)

  4. Total price for this Course and all dates shown is $1580- Workshops must be paid for in full and in advance by due dates. You may choose to pay in full now or pay an initial totally REFUNDABLE deposit of $500.00 when registering before March 1, 2019. Workshop space and seats are limited. A deposit or full payment will secure a space and we encourage you to secure that now.Any cancellation by you after June 1st will result in a total loss of the $1580.Any cancellation made by you between May 3rd 2019 and June 15th, 2019 will result in a loss of the $500 deposit only.We accept checks and money orders

  5. GREAT PRICE OF $1580 DOES NOT INCLUDE FLIGHT ,DINNERS OR ACCOMMODATIONS BUT INCLUDES EVERYTHING ELSE INCLUDING,TUITION, ART MATERIALS paints, easel ,brushes ,canvas boards,PRIVATE TRANSPORT,CRITIQUES.ENTERTAINMENT( SONGS) AND PAINTING DEMO’S BY HUGHO’NEILL.We supply you materials at no extra cost.We will pay for those, so you don’t have to worry about transporting paints etc on the flights and in your luggage.All will be there in Ireland for you.That’s another reason we are best .

  6. We offer UK, Irish and local Northern Irish residents only a day by day pro rated price (Restrictions may apply)It’s $200 for 2 days.There is no transport with this great price and you bring you own art supplies

  7. Airfare is NOT included in any of the prices. Guests will be picked up at Airport.It is important that you make plane reservations accordingly. There is no additional cost for this service and saves you money and time but there will only be the pickup mentioned above. In the event that the shuttle is missed due to delayed flights, other means of transportation to the workshop site MAY be needed, to be arranged by the participant. Transportation other than designated excursions and shuttle service from Airport or on designated dates and times,will be the responsibility of each participant including your return to an airport for departing workshop locations

  8. If we have to cancel the trip due to unforeseen reasons you may be eligible for a refund portion of money paid to us

  9. Our great price offered by Art workshops in Ireland” is based on giving you great choices and experience.We only charge you for Hugh's teaching and the hiring cost for PRIVATE COACH TRAVEL and driver.Over the years a lot of participants preferred to use air miles by booking flights and hotel themselves online.We can help you with this through our contacts in Ireland.Check the Q AND A Page as well

  10. The town where we will be based is called NEWCASTLE TOWN in County Down,Northern Ireland.The meeting points each morning to start our day is always at the front door of the SLIEVE DONARD HOTELin the town.The full day by day itinerary is available upon your email or form inquiry

  11. PLEASE NOTE : If you are based in UK or Ireland and you do not need to use our Travel Coach-Transportation to

    get to workshop locations then your price is less.E-mail us for that price


  12. There are several options to fit your needs and budget right in the town and surrounding beautiful Irish countryside.Call Hugh and he will go over al this with you.Hugh O’Neill only recommends the best hotels and accommodation types in Ireland including the best B AND B’S.We are here to help you book the best hotel in the North of Ireland ,over looking the IRISH SEA the hotel we recommend is called the SLIEVE DONARD HOTEL. Check it out…It’s also has a world famous Spa.The hotel also sits almost on the grounds of the VOTED THE WORLDS BEST GOLF COURSE ROYAL COUNTY DOWN.If it’s a less expensive place you want then we can help you check and book the many great B AND B’s only a few minute from this hotel.Whatever you choose it will be special!Not all participants want to stay or need to stay at this hotel due to either budget concerns or otherwise.Some stay in other hotels or family owned B and Bs.But but we encourage you to stay in the Slieve Donard Hotel if possible.All participants must stay within a 10 min drive from Slieve Donard Hotel Resort & Spa, Downs Road, Newcastle, Co. Down BT33 0AH T: +44 (0) 28 4372 1066, F: +44 (0) 28 4372 4830 NORTHERN IRELAND

  13. Here is a A List of accommodations: don’t book anything until checking with us to help you!!

  14. Please ensure you have medical insurance to travel or if you don’t then educate yourself about foreign travel

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